Choose well – choose Handee

September 2020 saw us launch a brand-new campaign in partnership with Choose Well which showcases Handee as a sustainable choice for Kiwi consumers. We're back on screens again with this informative TV ad during February and March!

Choose Well specifically focuses on eco-friendly and healthy foods and products, and this campaign specifically calls out Handee's strong sustainability credentials, which includes our new home compostable certification, reducing packaging waste, FSC® certification and our renewable energy sources.

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10 years of FSC certification

September 2020 celebrates our tenth anniversary of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification at our Kawerau mill in New Zealand, marking a significant milestone in our journey to promote responsible forestry.

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Handee is certified Home Compostable

It's official, Handee paper towels have been certified Home Compostable!

Handee paper towels are NZ’s only paper towel brand which is certified home compostable according to AS5810 (ABAP 20062). 

Instead of sending your used Handee paper towels to landfill, simply pop them in your compost bin at home. Composting Handee Paper towels will help reduce their carbon footprint.

You can easily turn your used Handee and other household kitchen and garden waste into a valuable resource, that can feed your garden or even your pot plants. Handee right?

Please do not compost if Handee has been used with cleaning chemicals or motor oil.

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